About Us

Welcome to Shell Creek Baptist Church. We are located 9 miles N of Columbus, NE, on 48th Ave/Mason Rd/205th Ave. Shell Creek Baptist Church is a small country church with a big heart. We are eager to see what God has for the future of our church. One of our primary goals is to always be growing spiritually; individually and as a body. We strive to “Joyfully serve our community for the glory of God”.

At Shell Creek Baptist, we have a strong sense of family. We are able to get to know others in our church allowing opportunities to develop lasting relationships. We love our Christian brothers and sisters and we deeply love those who are not yet believers.

We also have a desire to reach our community for the glory of God by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to be our guest this Sunday.

HISTORY of Shell Creek Baptist Church

Shell Creek Baptist Church was started on November 16th, 1873. Twelve families came together from the Shell Creek Township area and started a church known as the German Baptist Church of Elk Creek, NE. In 1887 the name was changed to Shell Creek Baptist Church. Through the many years  God has been so gracious in providing for the needs of the church and more importantly, allowing spiritual growth through the faithful preaching and teaching of the pastors and laymen. Shell Creek Baptist has a deep history and looks forward to many more years of joyfully serving our community for the glory of God.